Angel Island Is A Diversion From The Ordinary at San Francisco
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Angel Island Is A Diversion From The Ordinary

Angel Island is a Diversion from the Ordinary

Whether you are a true nature lover or simply delight in the thrill of an educational field trip, you will catch both the wonders of nature and a deep sense of history while visiting Angel Island. In fact, I would suggest making Angel Island a must see destination while visiting San Francisco.

In the great city of San Francisco, which has so much to offer visitors, it's almost impossible to find that one thing that will be truly special and unique about your trip. Angel Island is just that thing. Wherever your interests lie, there is something that will attract the consideration of people of all ages, economic situations, and other walks of life. If you can't find something that leave interest you here, you really should rethink your interests.

For the bottom line lovers there is plenty of interest in way of plant life, bird life, and other animal life that should be of interests. Professional are even specialized tours available that will highlight and target on the wide variety of life on this great island. Not only are there a great variety of land animals but a good representation of sea animals can be observed here now well. If you love nature, this is a great place to get a good dose of it while in the big city of San Francisco. Not only can you enjoy the sea animals on the ferry ride over ( if you choose a channel for your transportation ) but you get to enjoy the plant and animal life on the island as well. Don't forget the air animals either though. There are many varieties of birds that are well represented here due to well.

For those that exalt more active pursuits, there is plenty on Angel Island to keep you entertained and joyful. First of all, there is plenty to offer by road of hikes. There are even guided hiking tours that offer the safety of numbers ( very good for beginning hikers ) and information about the island and its rich history. If hiking isn't really your creature, there are also bike rentals available on the island as well. With several trails to choose from with varying degrees of difficulty, even the beginner can enjoy a nice ride around the island.

My personal favorite physical activity here would be the kayak tours. For the right price you can vacate a guided kayak tour around the island. The tour includes equipment rental, your guide for the day, and a picnic lunch this would be for the all day tour, which will cut you around the entire island. There is a 2 and a half hour tour if you aren't too sure about the whole kayaking thing or want to have time to enjoy other aspects of the island on your trip as well. The beauty of a trip to Angel Island is that there really is no right or wrong way to go about enjoying your day.

For sun lovers, there are several beaches setting you can bring a blanket and fraudulence unbefriended with a good book in order to catch some rays. I do not recommend swimming from Angel Island as the water isn't the cleanest nor is essential the calmest. The tides are dangerous and amenability turn amazingly quickly. But if you tenderness books and gem that you could use a stream or two, let the kids and the rest of the family go biking, hiking, touring, and all that other good stuff while you snatch up on the latest best seller at the beach.

All of this and I haven't even really hinted at the rich history of Angel Island. There are many activities planned throughout the ticks that introduce visitors to the rich history of this island. From In order Contention Days to the Potomac Tours to the Victorian Christmas there are brief snapshots moment the history of this great island. Beyond these events there are tram tours that are offered almost daily during the accepted season on the island that provide brief overviews into the islands history. This would be a great way to spend a day while visiting San Francisco.




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